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The user agent is a string that identifies the web browser, operating system and software platform. This information can be used to identify what type of device or computer is being used to access a website. It's important for websites to know this because it helps them determine how they should display their site in order to provide an optimal experience for visitors.

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"What information does my UserAgent string contain?" you might ask. Click on our article about useragent strings to find out what they're made of, how they work and why Discover which features your browser has to offer

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It's important to know what browser your user is on, so you can make sure the website or app has a compatible version. If you're looking for a tool that will help you identify this information and find more about your browser settings, we've got one! With our Browser Tool page, all it takes is reloading the page and finding your data in less than 5 seconds. We recommend bookmarking this resource if you often share links with friends who might have different browsers than yours - just copy/paste an URL into our site bar above to see what they're using before sending them anything live online. You'll thank us later when no one needs to deal with any compatibility issues thanks to knowing which browser their friend is running first.