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Our URL Encoder and Decoder Tools will help you encode or decode your URLs in such a way that they are accepted by browsers or servers. You can use our tools to encode raw page titles, and we'll provide encoded data which is acceptable for the server. Or, if you want to rewrite the URL using our Rewrite tool, just enter any string of text into the input box below!

We're here to make your life easier with these simple-to-use tools. It doesn't matter what type of encoding needs you have - we've got it covered! So go ahead and try out our free trial today!

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The URL Encoder is a tool which allows you to encode or decode your URLs in such a way that they are accepted by various web servers. The encoded data will be sent to the server for handling

Easily convert between url encoding and decoding

Encodes raw page title to have it accepted by server

Encode or decode your URL in a way that browser will accept

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We know that your browser may not accept encoded data from the URL Encoder/decoder tool. That’s why we also have a Rewrite Tool, which will re-write URLs for you so they are acceptable to browsers and servers. Watch our video below to learn more about how it works!