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About Suspicious Domain Checker

Are you worried about your website being safe?

The Suspicious Domain Checker tool is a free service that helps to find if your website is safe to browse or not. It uses AVG Antivirus technology at single click of button. By using this tool, you will know the domains you use are safe to use or not, if not then you have to check backend if your script got malware or spyware such that you can remove it and apply for recheck again.

You don't want any issues with your site's security so make sure it's checked regularly by using our free service! Download the app today and stay worry-free!   

1-Click Protection against Malware, viruses and Spywares.

Check any domain by entering URL or Hostname.

Daily database updates to protect you from the newest malware scripts.

Alerts on issues & suspicious URLs and hosts to keep your website safe.

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Safely browse your website

Instantly know if your chosen domain is trusted 

Get alerted of dangerous websites with just one click 

Keep your information secure and safe

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At a single click of the button, you can see if your website is safe to browse or not. If it isn’t, then there may be malware or spyware on your backend that needs to be removed before applying for recheck again. The Suspicious Domain Checker tool from AVG Antivirus will help you quickly find out which domains are good and bad using our advanced technology at no cost. Watch this video demo now!