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Are you looking for a way to check your server status?

Server Status Checker Tools is the best tool for checking if your server is running or not. It also tells you how fast it loads and what error code it has, so you can find out what's wrong with your site. This will save time and money by knowing when there are problems before they happen.

You'll never have to worry about downtime again! With this tool, you'll always know when something goes wrong on your website so that you can fix it right away. If anything ever happens, just enter in the domain name of the site and let Server Status Checker Tools do all the work for you!

Check if your site is up or down.

Find out how fast it loads and what error code it has.

Automatically checks over the top 50,000 websites on the internet so you don't have to!

Report problems to sites owners for free in realtime! You can help us fix things faster by

Easily checks the status of your server

Shows response time and error code

Helps you monitor errors on your servers 

Integrates with apache, linux and windows servers

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We all know that the server is most crucial part of any website, if it's not working then your site will be down. But a lot of people don't have much idea about how to find out if their servers are running or not and what do they need to do in case when it has gone down. They just come across with some error code on screen which doesn’t tell them anything at all about whether problem is solved or not. This video talks about this issue and explains 2 ways through which you can solve this problem without even opening up your computer!