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How do you know if your website is loading fast enough?

Page size checker tool helps you to find the size of your webpage in bytes. Why is it important to check your page size? Because nowadays speed matters a lot, Therefore, To rank above your competitor your web page's speed should be higher than them which makes it mandatory to optimize your page speed and bring it above your competitor. All you need is to enter URL of your webpage and check the weight.

You can use this tool for free! It will help you make sure that all those images on the site are optimized so they don't slow down load time or eat up bandwidth unnecessarily. This will also help with SEO because Google prefers sites that load quickly over slower ones. And let's not forget about mobile users who have limited data plans - optimizing pages means less data usage for them too!

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Page Weight Checker is a tool for webmasters or any site administrators who want to check if their website have problems with loading speed. It's easy to use even for those, who don't have any

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There’s a lot of talk about how important speed is for your web page in today’s digital age. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense when considering that almost every aspect of life has sped up and become more hectic over the last decade or so. In order to rank above your competitor, whose page might be faster than yours, all you need to do is optimize it by following these five simple steps. Watch our short video below for an overview on what we mean by optimizing your website's speed with some quick tips that can help make a world difference!