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Link Analyzer Tools is the best free online tool to analyze any URL's internal or external links state. It will give you number of links that has placed internally and externally on that particular URL. You can also get the exact count of same by using this tool.

We want to help your website grow! This is why we offer a free, easy-to-use Link Analyzer Tool so you can see how many backlinks are pointing at your site from other websites. If you're not getting enough traffic, it might be because there aren't enough people linking to your content - and our tools will show you where those missing links are hiding! Get started today with our free trial and start building up your backlink profile!

There are 5 different ways you can use our Link Analysis tool to help your SEO efforts:

Internal Links - See which pages on your site have the most internal links.

Inbound Links - See which sites link to yours. You can then reach out and ask them for an exchange of links if they have

Avoid removing or penalizing your own links

Get a clear picture of link density and its impact on rankings

Check for broken or dead links 

Free, easy-to-use, confidential tool

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The Link Analyzer tool is a great way to analyze the health of your website. It will give you valuable information about how many internal or external links are on that particular URL, which can help you determine whether those pages need more attention from other websites linking back to them in order for them to rank higher in search engine results. Give it a try and see what kind of insights this free tool uncovers! We’ve also provided an informative video below with details on the analytics data collected by our software developers.