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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Do you want to get the source code of a webpage?

The Get Source Code of Webpage tool is an excellent way for web developers and designers to find out what programming languages are used on any given website. It's also great for getting inspiration from other websites that use similar coding styles as yours. You can even copy and paste the code into your own site!

With this tool, it’s easy to see how other people have coded their sites, so you can learn new tricks or just get some fresh ideas. And if you're looking for more information about a specific language, we've got plenty of resources available in our blog section. Check them out!

Users can enter any URL in the input box.

The results will show the main code of that page, i.e., HTML, CSS and JavaScript code only.

Users can click on each individual language to reveal it’s contents.

To copy and paste a snippet, simply highlight it and press CTRL + C

It's the ultimate tool for web developers

Save time and effort by copying code of any webpage 

Allows you to get an idea about how that webpage was developed 

Give your designs more meaning

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The internet is an ever-changing and evolving place. If you’re a web developer, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends in programming languages and design techniques. That's where Get Source Code of Webpage comes in! This tool will allow you to copy any webpage source code so that you can review it for inspiration or just see how certain websites are coded. Enter a URL above to get started right away! Watch Video for more info