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Do you want to find out what DNS records your domain has?

Find DNS Records Tool is the best way to list your domain's DNS records. If you want to find if your domain is propagated to your server or not or if your domain isn't acted properly then use this form to get list of records for your domain and check if its corrected or not. This tool list all valid DNS records like A, NS, CNAME etc. All you need to do is type in a few letters from the top level of the URL (domain) and watch it work!

You can also see how many domains are hosted on that IP address with just one click! Get started now by typing in any letter from the first part of a website’s URL into our search bar below and clicking “Find Now”! It doesn't matter what kind of site it is - we'll show you everything about it including who owns it, where they're located, when they registered their name, whether they have SSL certificates installed and much more.

By typing in the first part of a URL, it will search for the specific domain name.

You can also use this tool to find out who your competitors are and what kind of resources they have! All you need to do is enter their IP address into our search bar !

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Have you ever tried to find out how your domain is propagated or if it's properly working? Maybe you wanted to check the IP address for a WordPress site, but didn't know where to turn. It can be hard digging through all of that information with just a web browser and some guessing. The good news is there are tools available like Find DNS Records Tool which will provide an easy list of records for your domain so you don't have to guess anymore! You'll get A, NS, CNAMEs - whatever type of record your server uses.