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You don't want to get spammed in any way possible. That's why it's important to know if your email is available for public or not. Enter your URL above and find out with our free online privacy checker tool!

It’s easy, fast, and completely free! Just enter the URL of your business website into the box above and we'll tell you whether or not people can access it through an email address. If they can, then there are some steps that need to be taken right away so that you're protected from spamming. Don't wait until it's too late - take care of this now before someone else does!

The security of email can be compromised during multiple stages, both when in transit or stored on a server. Variables like the ISP and server capability are outside of our control, but there are steps that users themselves take to protect their information.

Businesses should implement protocols to allow people to send encrypted and authenticated emails.

Benefits Email Privacy Solutions From Mimecast

Beyond the email security of traditional privacy solutions, Mimecast offers other features.

  • IT administrators cannot view the contents of messages with Mimecast’s email privacy settings. With this, employees have tighter protections than they would receive through server-to-server encryption alone.
  • The original sentence is filtered by a third party application before arriving at the recipient's inbox.
  • Mimecast, the Email Security Suite, has simplicity built in. Encryption is as easy as clicking a button.
  • Mimecast gives you the ability to specify granular message controls which can be selected by senders or automatically enabled by policies. Controls include options to:
  • Revoke message access rapidly, enforce expiration dates on messages and warn recipients of downstream complications if they are not read, require a Read Receipt for every reply that is sent and finally prevent Reply
  • Secure messaging can be customized to your organization’s branding, giving senders and receivers confidence.

Mimecast plans to give a seminar on email privacy and email spam filters.

Public email is the worst email for you

If for whatever reason someone has gained access to your public email, they will have a field day sending out spam and other harmful emails because if your email is available online then they can send it right away. That means no matter what time of day or night it is, you're going to be getting noticed

Helps protect and secure an email against hackers

Saves your time from using complicated tools

Makes sure that your emails are safe and secured from any intruder 

Meant to bring peace of mind for business owners

Click here now to find out if your email is available for public use today!

It's important to know what browser your user is on, so you can make sure the website or app has a compatible version. If you're looking for a tool that will help you identify this information and find more about your browser settings, we've got one! With our Browser Tool page, all it takes is reloading the page and finding your data in less than 5 seconds. We recommend bookmarking this resource if you often share links with friends who might have different browsers than yours - just copy/paste an URL into our site bar above to see what they're using before sending them anything live online. You'll thank us later when no one needs to deal with any compatibility issues thanks to knowing which browser their friend is running first.