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Do you want to know the IP address and server location of your domain or any domain?

The Domain into IP Tool will help you achieve that. With this tool, you can find an IP Address, country of the IP, server location and ISP for a desired domain. Just enter your desired domain in the box below and click "Find" to get started!

This Domain into IP Tool is easy-to-use and free! It's perfect for anyone who wants to know more about their domains' information. Click here now to start exploring!

Enter a domain to get IP address details.

Enter the IP and find the domain name using reverse DNS .

Discover details about the IP address, including location and ISP. What is Reverse DNS Lookup?

The process of looking up an IP address on your desired DNS server in order to discover which domains are hosted on it,

Find out IP address for any domain

Find the location of the server hosting your site easily and instantly

Get to know more about the ISP that is working on behalf of your website

Explore domains from all over the world with just one click

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Have you ever been curious about the IP address and server location of your domain or any other domain? Our new This Domain Into IP tool is designed to help. With this simple web app, you can find out all the information that pertains to a specific URL. It’s as easy as entering your desired domain into our search bar on the homepage. You will be given an instant response with detailed records for each field available in our database, including country code, ISP name, latitude and longitude coordinates (in decimal degrees), timezone offset from UTC/GMT (+/-) hours and date-time stamp when last updated. We hope this helps! If you want more info watch our video below!