What is web popularity or link popularity?

Numerical indicator that search engines assign to a website when indexing it to estimate its importance on the Internet. It is one of the main factors that determine the positioning of the page among the search results.

Its measurement varies greatly depending on the algorithms used by each search engine (Google, for example, uses the PageRank system , which is a registered trademark), although they all resort to the structure of Internet links to calculate it: it is interpreted that the importance of a web It depends on the volume of external links that point to it, but also on the relevance of the page that emits them; since the inbound links that come from pages of high web popularity are better valued.

A high web popularity does not necessarily imply an adequate positioning; Other factors also come into play, such as the content of the pages or the use of a suitable anchor text in the link, as it can become a keyword, causing the page to be positioned for an inappropriate search.

Other names:
Link popularity

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