What is web mining?

Use of techniques to search, process and interpret information on a website in order to draw relevant conclusions that allow it to be transformed and its usability optimized .

The practice of web mining combines the study of statistical data (traffic, most popular content, conversion rate ...) with the analysis of the fingerprints that visitors leave as they pass through the web (origin and type of user, browsers used ... ) stored in the form of cookies or in a server log. Depending on the nature of the data to be analyzed, it is possible to distinguish between three types of web mining:

  • Content: it focuses on everything that is displayed, the text, images, audio or video files that the web offers to users.
  • Relationship structure: analyzes the organization of links on a site, the way it is connected to the rest of the web through links.
  • Of use: it attends to the activity, the behavior of the users, to discover trends and patterns in their web browsing.

Other names:
Web mining

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