What is infomediary?

Online business model dedicated to managing the excess of information on the Internet; collects large amounts of data from various sources, which it analyzes, sifts and organizes in a relevant way to finally provide it as a neutral provider to users who require it.

They usually tend to specialize, offering data about an exclusive sector of the market. Two types of infomediary can be distinguished, according to which end of the transaction your customers are: in the case of being consumers, it facilitates a certain commercial process by providing detailed content about the products or brands involved for their consultation; If it is business, it collects information for them about audiences and their consumption habits that will help them in product development and marketing.

The income of an infomediary comes from the insertions made in its advertising spaces and from the commission that corresponds to it for intermediating in each transaction achieved.

The infomediary sector includes a wide range of companies that range from publishing guides and directories, to conducting market studies, to companies dedicated to generating tourist information or geographic and cadastral information.

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