What is email marketing?

Consist in sending e-mails to a series of users registered in a database. The objectives of email marketing are commercial in nature, whether they are to make sales or get registration, among others. It can be used both to strengthen the relationship with existing customers (build loyalty with welcome announcements, periodic newsletters about new products or services, exclusive promotions, answers to questions ...) and to generate trust in potential customers by engaging with them a personalized dialogue.

Emailing allows you to promote products or services through highly segmented and personalized campaigns. It is a very cheap and direct practice because the recipient receives the message quickly and, in addition, it is easy to complement it with detailed monitoring of its effectiveness, through a real-time analysis of the results (open rate, CTR, people who have given of registration in our services, people who have bought, etc).

But its massive and indiscriminate practice is not recommended, it is essential to have the permission and approval of the audiences as subscribers before including them in the mailing list so as not to incur spam , otherwise, recipients' dissatisfaction may be generated. and end up being blacklisted .

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