Arthur L Boland Jr SEO Report

10 Hawthorne Pl
Boston, MA

  • 84%
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Patients at Mass General have access to a vast network of physicians, nearly all of whom are Harvard Medical School faculty and many of whom are leaders within their fields.
  • 1 high issues3.33%
    3 medium issues10%
    1 low issues3.33%
    25 tests passed83.33%
  • 2.37 seconds
    192.02 kB
    0.04 resources
  • Text compression
    The HTML file is not compressed: 192.02 kB.
  • Load time
    The webpage loaded in 2.37 seconds.
  • Page size
    The size of the HTML webpage is 192.02 kB.
  • HTTP requests
    There is a small amount of HTTP requests on the webpage.
      JavaScripts 1
      CSS 2
      Images 1
  • Image format
    The images are served in the next-gen image format (AVIF or WebP).
  • JavaScript defer
    There are javascript resources without the defer attribute.
      Missing 1
  • DOM size
    The DOM size is optimal.
    The HTML file has 1167 DOM nodes.
  • HTTPS encryption
    The webpage uses HTTPS encryption.
  • Plaintext email
    The webpage does not contain any plaintext emails.
10 Hawthorne Pl Boston, MA 02114